SIDE: Summarization Integrated Development Environment


This page is under development. For more information about SIDE please check here.

SIDE 1.0

Building on the earlier success of the TagHelper project , we are now developing a configurable summarization environment that uses multi-level analyses of discourse to support a new generation of summarization technology addressing a variety of information management tasks. The SIDE framework offers flexibility in the specification of which discourse behavior to take note of as well as how noted behavior should be reported in the resulting summary. SIDE embodies a two stage process in which language processing technology is used first to impose structure on the stream of discourse behavior from expository text, on-line chat, email, or newsgroup style interaction, and then in a second stage patterns of interest are noted, catalogued, and reported at the interface.

One application of this technology that we are working on is constructing reporting facilities for on-line group learning facilitators.

SIDE 2.0

Future version of SIDE will integrate UIMA and better visualization into it. Under development.

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